Soft Assets

Soft Assets

These items are referred to as "soft assets" because they are tangible assets that have a relatively short lifespan compared to other types of assets.

Unlike "hard assets" such as buildings or vehicles, which tend to have longer useful lives, soft assets are typically subject to more wear and tear and may become outdated or obsolete relatively quickly.

Gym Equipment Funding

Gym equipment includes machines, weights, and other exercise apparatus used in fitness centres.

These items are considered soft assets because they are susceptible to wear and tear from frequent use and may need to be replaced or upgraded as new exercise trends and technologies emerge.

Beauty Equipment Funding

Beauty equipment refers to tools and machines used in salons and spas for various beauty treatments, such as hair styling, skincare, and nail care.

Similar to gym equipment, beauty equipment is subject to regular use and may require replacement or upgrades to keep up with evolving trends and technologies in the beauty industry.

Garage & MOT Equipment Funding

Garage and MOT (Ministry of Transport) equipment are tools and machinery used in automotive repair shops and MOT testing centres.

These assets are considered soft because they can become worn out or outdated due to technological advancements in automotive diagnostics and repair.

Laundry & Dry Cleaning Machines

Laundry and dry cleaning machines are used in commercial laundry facilities and dry cleaning establishments.

These machines are subject to heavy use and may need to be replaced or upgraded to improve efficiency and keep up with advancements in laundry and dry cleaning technology.

Digital Printers - up to £50,000

Digital printers are used for high-quality printing in various industries such as:

  • graphic design
  • advertising
  • publishing

While they are tangible assets, they are considered soft assets due to the rapid advancements in printing technology. Upgrades or replacements may be necessary to maintain competitiveness and meet evolving printing demands.

Arcade/Amusement Machine (not gambling)

Arcade and amusement machines, such as video games, pinball machines, and claw machines, are considered soft assets because they can become outdated or lose their appeal over time.

To keep customers engaged, arcade and amusement centres often need to update their machines with newer games and experiences.

Jiffy Trucks & Catering Trailers Funding

Jiffy trucks and catering trailers are mobile units used for food and beverage services.

These assets are classified as soft assets because they are subject to wear and tear from transportation.

There is also a need for periodic upgrades to meet health and safety standards or adapt to changing consumer preferences.

Overall, the term "soft assets" is used to distinguish these types of tangible assets with shorter lifespans and higher susceptibility to technological advancements and changing market demands compared to long-lasting "hard assets."

If you are unsure it's always best to double check before committing to purchase. Have a chat with Chris so he can confirm with the relevant funders.

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